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62 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 47
Weight: 104 kg (229 lb)
gusto kong sabihin Salamat sa paglalaan ng oras upang basahin ang aking profile. My name is Anthony, born and raised right here, in Good 'ol Montreal, Quebec Canada, I live in Montreal South-West for the local people that know Montreal. You'll find my profile unlike most men here as I am truthful honest and well grounded. I am a very strong minded alpha male - most other men will dislike me or want to be like me. Eleven years to this date I was married to a extremely hot and sexy Filipina girl - 22 years younger than me, right here in Montreal, together we had a child born with Autism. Here in Montreal there are over 100,000 people from the Philippines, so I am not in a hurry to sponsor anyone to come live here in Canada, I have seen it happen so many times, once the girls gets her USA Green Card or Canadian Citizenship it’s good-bye Joe. With the mix of Italian and Filipino if only he could talk...he would be a movie star in the Philippines. His appearance is of a normal everyday little boy, full of life excitement and wonder, passing most of his day laughing - dancing - singing, this little boy knows he is loved. So as you can see I am a single parent of a beautiful little 11 year old boy which lives with me 24/7 so yes I am a package deal. I am a very patient loving and caring man with that slow talking deep manly voice surely to tickle your left ear when I whisper tender words in it. You'll discover that I am generous, kind, very faithful, honest, loyal, clearly a one woman man, you'll be so proud to call me YOUR MAN. Granted men of my caliber are a rare find is true, knowing how to make a woman FEEL like a woman is - oh so easy, where other men fail to do so. I have been without a woman for many years as I wanted to raise my Son and not impose him on anyone. Now my Son is more independent so I feel the time is just right. Note that I am not looking for a Mother, rather someone special. Do take note that most North Americans have the fantasy of dating an Asian Woman, why????? I have no idea! For me wishing to date an Asian woman is not a fantasy - after all I have been married to an Asian Woman so the Fantasy is gone, But the THRILL lives on. Many many years ago, before my Son was born and before I was married, I came to date sites and was disappointed - talking to a lot of women who asked me the very same questions - it was like they all have a script taped to on side of the computer's monitor. Every one of the girls was asking the same questions, how odd I thought... Later I found out that MOST of the women wanted money from their chat mates. The date site was like their job. Getting as many men as they can to send them money with the promise of love. They are so good at this even I fell into their trap. But only after I had sent one girl over 189,000.00 pesos and she was gone never heard from her ever again. I have leant my lesson, is a shame we do not live in that perfect world - put that's okay, She did what she had to do, and I hope it gave her what she needed. But her actions did put a sour taste in my mouth, Now I am not suggesting all the women on here are here to looking to suck the money out of us men, there are A LOT of really nice woman here,, it's just a shame that there are some really despicable women here that spoiled everything for the nice honest girls, looking for a love. So with that typed and in the open - please note that I am not your job and I will not pay you. Wow ehh, Guess I will not be getting messages from a lot of girls after typing this in my profile, Ahh its better - why waste time. Moving on So I live in Montreal South West in a large 4 bedroom 2 bathroom condo, I am hoping that you have plans to come to Montreal already in tact and all your paperwork is done. I would love to greet you at the Montreal Airport. If you are already here in Montreal, then do contact me so together we can move forward and get to know each other.
39 Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada
Seeking: Female 22 - 37
Weight: 92 kg (202 lb)
Single and in hopes of meeting someone special whom i could one day....im a funny and easy going person who loves to laugh and hang out and cuddle and watch movies . i love talking about life and the future and holding hands and i love with all my heart ! Im tired of the woman in my country and in my little town....they are all spoiled and have no real values or sense of commitments or drive or ambition or goals. I need someone who is gonna appreciate all the wonderful things i do for them and be just as affectionate as i am ! I want someone who isnt affraid to put alittle work into the relationship to make eachother happy or happier ! Im a very hard worker and have good job...im not the greatest cook so if you can cook that would be amazing ! Im clean and organized and can fix alot of things but theres lots i dont know...im a good provider for my family and enjoy the good things in life... I have never cheated on anyone in my life i believe thats one of the worst things you could ever do to a woman and have no respect for those people nor do i surround my self with bad people. I well be very dedicated to the person i find helping you and being by your side always helping you and supporting you in any and every way possible to help you achive your goals and dreams as long as you show me you are real and sweet and loving and affectionate and appreciate everything i do. I'm tired of having to settle for girls woman in my community ! There isnt much to choose from so people here just end up settling for anyone who just likes them back rather then choosing them because of the qualities you need them to have in order for you to be happy ! I am always the one that offers so much more and even though I never get it back I still try my best because that's just who I am....I cant help it.... So I'm reaching out abroad now because I know of some successful relationships online and I want that for my self now !! I believe that my perfect match is waiting for me here !
48 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 30
Weight: 90 kg (198 lb)
“Philosopher”, “Architect” and “Dreamy Professor” are some ways to describe me. 

 Also, I'm very open-minded, socially tolerant, honest, straight forward, very kind, easy-going happy person. I am a good person with a good heart, always wishing the best for others and like to help others when I can (especially those people who aren't accustomed to being helped). 

 My mind is quick and versatile...working like an immensely complicated clockwork which is constantly absorbing, processing and generating all kinds of information and theories – this is how my mind works...just like Sherlock Holmes! 
So it's not a good idea to lie to me because I will quickly know! I'm enthusiastic and can spend an enormous amount of time trying to figure out someone I'm interested in! 


After having put all that energy into someone and decide that they are for me, you will find no man more faithful and loving to his woman. My love and affection is almost child like in it's purity and I don't give it away to just anyone. I must stress that I have no interest or understanding of game-playing with regards to relationships. I am looking for a serious relationship with the right woman so if something happens that I consider irreconcilable, I am strong enough to leave the relationship without looking back. 

 I am EXTREMELY well educated with multiple university degrees due to my never ending curiousity and thirst for knowledge. My curiousity has also led me to travel the four corners of the globe. Although, I have more to see, I would like to do it with someone special since travel is something that is best shared with another.