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31 Jepara, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia
Seeking: Female 19 - 40
veedda shulhan
44 Surakarta, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia
Seeking: Female 18 - 30
The meaning Love my husband is a simple, I love nature that natural and I love warm feeling that appeared in my feelings, when I rely on his shoulder the fields. Three years in the introduction, and two years in the marriage, I have to admit, that I began to feel tired, the reasons I love her first have changed into something heavy. I am a woman and really sentimental sensitive and sentimental. I miss the romantic as a child who wants candy. But all that I have never earn. My husband far different from the one I expected. The sensitive him less. And inertia in creating a romantic atmosphere in a marriage we have nullifies all hope I will love is an ideal. A day, i made bold and greeted them themselves to say my decision to him, that I want divorce. "Why?", asked my husband to be surprised. "I'm tired, you can never be providing love that I want," I replied. My husband kept silent and pensive during the night before their computers, it looks as if they were working on something, but not. Disappointment I became even more, a man who could not even the tastes, what else can I expect from him? And finally my husband asked, "what can I do to change his mind you." I looked at his eyes and answer with slow, "I have a question, if you can find the answer in my feelings, I will change my mind: "If, I love henna flowers beautiful thing that is in cliff climbing mount. Two of us know if you climb the hill, you will die. Whether you will pluck a flower, for me?" He muse and finally said, "I will give you the answer tomorrow." my feelings directly depressed heard his response. The next morning, he is not in his house, and I found a piece of paper with oret-oretan his hand under a glass that contains a warm milk that are inscribed with ......... "Unfortunately, I will not take interest is for you, but allow me to explain the reason for this." The first Sentence was destroyed my feelings. I continue to read it. "You always was stiff at the time 'good friends you' come every month, and I have to give my hand to massage your feet that stiff." "You like to live in the house, and I always thought you would be a 'weird'. I have bought things that can entertain you in the house or lending my tongue to tell the funny that I experience." "You always too close to watch television, too close to read a book, and it is not good for your health asian you. I have to keep my eyes so that when we grow old, I still can help you mengguntingkan nails and plucking gray hair you." "my hand to hold your hand, to guide you to trace, however, enjoy morning sun and sand a beautiful told the colors interest rate that shone and beautiful as well as what a beautiful face you." "But Unfortunately, I will not take interest indah, who is in cliff climbing mount, only to die. Because, I will not be able to see tears you flows. "Unfortunately, I know, there are many people who can love you more than I love you. For that, Unfortunately, if all that he has given my hands, feet I, my eyes are not enough for you, I'm not to have held you to find hands, feet, and eyes that can bring happiness you." Water my eyes fell upon his writings and make ink to run, but I continue to try to read it. "And now, Unfortunately, you have finished reading my answer. If you are happy with all this answer, and still wanted me to live in this house, please opened the our house, now I am standing waiting for an answer there you." "If you are not satisfied with my answer is, Unfortunately, let me go to deal with items i, and I will not make it harder for your life. Trust me, I am happy is if you're happy." I ran at once and opened the door and view it stood at the entrance to face curious while his hand to hold milk and bread like me. Oh, now I know, there is no one who has ever love me more than he loves me. This is love, at a time when we feel love has gradually fall away from our feelings, because we feel he could not give love in the form that we want, but love, we have is present in the form other that we never imagined. Often, we need to do is to understand the love of our spouse, and not expect a certain. Because love is not always have had to exist "flowers" is how I love women ..... that I loved benefits !



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