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41 Chicago, Illinois, United States
Seeking: Female 25 - 33
Short Version: Just a fun loving, ambitious guy looking for a fun loving, ambitious girl to conquer the world with. It'd be great if she had her own minions, as my supply is running a bit low (I've got more on back order, but you know how it is with Home Despot.....). Long version: I wear more hats than Bartholomew Cubbins. Fitness and healthy eating are very important. I lift 4-5 days a week, with some HIIT cardio mixed in here and there. I eat Keto day-to-day, but have no problem splurging. I'm a construction engineer. I manage large, complex road and bridge projects. I love making you late for work. I cook. Ask me about my awesome dinner parties. Specialty: Plum Braised Lamb. I'm handy. I did about 50% of my condo renovations myself. I'm currently on the lookout for a house to tackle, shooting for near 100% myself. I'll probably leave the gas lines to an expert. I make wine, beer, whiskey, and everything in between. Don't tell the ATF about the whiskey. My specialty is mead (alcohol fermented from honey). My greatest achievement is a 20% Russian Imperial Stout. In Soviet Russia, beer drinks you! I volunteer, mostly military charities. Wounded Warriors, Soldier's Angels, etc. I'm a beekeeper. Don't worry though. My bees have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. They won't sting you, but they will pray for your salvation. I'm not from Chicago, and my family is pretty far flung. We're pretty tight knit, so I travel a couple times a year to go visit them. Visiting other places is great, don't get me wrong, but as a single guy family is better. I do have my list of places I want to visit, I just need someone to go with me. I dance badly. Really, really badly. There are UN Resolutions against my dancing, but that doesn't stop me. I'm a bibliophile. My house will always have a lending library. I actually own a bar code scanner explicitly for this purpose. I rescue animals. Sometimes from burning buildings, but mostly from shelters. Disclaimer: House, wife, 2.5 (step?)kids, dog, white picket fence, etc, etc. That's the goal. I'm looking to "date with purpose", not for fun. ~If you're not in it for love; If you're not, willin' to give it all you got; If you're not in it for life; If you're not in it for love..... Let me make it clear, to you my dear.... If you're not in it for love, I'm outta here!~ (Shania Twain)
46 Chicago, Illinois, United States
Seeking: Female 23 - 37
I'm a good, decent and kind man looking for someone to start a life with. I work in Chicago, and have lots of friends, but finally realize that I want to meet someone who can share the good and bad in life with. I want children and a family. I want a partner, a lover and a friend. I am easy to talk to, if you look at the gee male. I am hexhand, there I like to write, and have had my writing published. Someday, I hope to write full time, but I still work full time and write part time. This doesn't mean that my nose is always on a book. I live by a great big lake, and spend most of my Summer and Spring somewhere on or in the lake. :) I am not perfect-looking, but think I am attractive because of my approach to life: I treat all people as I find them. If they are jerks, I ignore them. If they are intelligent, have emotional and intellectual depth to them, I hang around with them. My friends are good, honest, and usually very talented people. I am a 'man' and not a 'guy'. A guy thinks with the Little Head (below the belt), while a 'man' makes his decisions with the Big Head (above the neck). This doesn't mean that I don't get urges; it means that I know how to address them appropriately and respectfully. My pleasure is not worth someone else's pain I am generous, kind and sometimes a big kid at heart. I like animals and little kids. I deeply believe in family and am interested in starting one with someone I meet here, kids being an eventuality, not a possibility. If you do not want kids, I am not the man for you. I am a one-woman man; its just too exhausting to give my love and attention to more than one woman. If I am with you, then you get all of my attention, but I am not clingy or jealous. Jealousy is for people who don't like themselves enough to trust that their partner loves them for the right reasons.



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