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44 Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Seeking: Female 30 - 45
44 Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States
Seeking: Female 23 - 40
I am going to try and describe myself, which is the hardest thing for me to do and its crazy because I love to write. I am a very nice, warm hearted person,who genuinely cares about others. There was a time when I was terribly shy and so scared to go after the women I was attracted to. I am not normally one with low self esteem, but I feel the struggle inside of me from time to time, to chase the girl. I love in the movies when he gets her in the end, but I sometimes I find myself wishing he catches her cheating. And then it would be more like real life, but that almost never happens ( in the movies). I love sports and movies as you can already tell and I like to read and learn new things. I also love to travel, I have not been outside of the US but I do plan to take numerous trips very soon. I see myself as a cultured man with a healthy appetite for life, love and passion. I am a one woman man, I have always been compassionate and honest and loyal. I believe in heaven and hell, and all in between. So I am a god fearing man, although I do not fear the lord I love him and believe in him. I am the kinda guy that fights for what he loves, what he wants and everything I need. I can sometimes be quiet around others when I first meet them, some what shy but curious, cautions but interested. I like to have fun with my woman laugh play around you know? Just knowing deep down inside of my heart, no matter how hard things become and how crazy things around us look to one another, that you will always be there for me and have my back, or go under Oath and lie to the Prosecutor about where I was last night, because you know deep down in your heart that I would Never Ever waste half my life to find you fall in love with you and give you my soul that belongs to god, I would not do something stupid or dangerous and lose you..lose us...lose love again... I hate to see the guy with the girl walking holding hands and in love with each other. I say this because I want that for me and I had it once, but I blinked and she was gone. Lately I have been thinking she was just a dream I had in college. It sucks to have had a dream become reality, but it hurts so much more when your reality is just a dream. I am the kinda guy that when you've had a hard day at work I will massage you feet and rub you back so you can relax, and if you really have my heart I will do all the cooking, just tonight baby..lol I really really love to be kissed, sometimes at work I just think about how good you taste, and then sound you make when you like it and how you just never seem to get enough of me when I am near you. I am one who would love for his woman to know me, trust me, let me lay my head on you chest, I love to feel and hear your heart beep trough your cleavage. I want to see you cry for all the right reason and I have a chance to pull you closer to me, move you hear and wipe that tear away, and tell you everything is going to be fine, show you I am right here baby, slide my hand up the side of you face so gentle like and behind the ear, and pull you ever so close to my lips and let you feel the air as it comes out my mouth when I say, Baby don't cry, I got you, everything will be alright, I love you so mush honey, you are my everything when you hurt I hurt baby, so please cheer up because we don't like feeling like this. And then I am the guy that will kiss you so soft slow and passionate, I feel you begin to release the tension and let me take you, willing you summit to what ever is bothering you and only see us. Lately I have been located in the lost and found box, I am single and hating it. I love to be love and be In Love... I am a hopeless romantic living in the wrong age and time. I'm such a sucker for love its a shame, but that's me... I believe that you are out there, and I have not found you yet, and your waisting time right now with some loser... I trust in god to bring you closer to me... And when he does... I will never let you go, I will love you with all my heart, now and forever, in this life and the next..
56 Greenwood, Indiana, United States
Seeking: Female 30 - 60
WHAT IS IT YOU SEEK? A touch when you feel all alone? A shoulder to lean on when you feel unstable? A teammate who will still laugh and smile with you even when you know you can't win? Two strong arms to hold you all night? Soft lips that will search for yours no matter the hour, the year, and ones that will seek yours until our last breathe A person who lets you know you are a beautiful and divine creation? One who will go out of his way to bring a smile to your face? A man that feels your laughter is a beautiful song to his ears? A man who will cry, pray and share a life of honor, integrity, and romance with you? Then close your eyes and open your heart? I will never be the best looking man you meet. I will never be someone who can lay the world at your feet. I will never be rich. Thanks to Christ, thanks to the falls I've taken, the missteps, the broken humbleness, and failures I've suffered. I know how to truly love. I know how to truly touch. I know Passion I know peace. I know compassion. I know I'll never be the best, but what if I'm the best at loving you ???? What is it I seek? Simple, Gods will in my life. Rather this is a mate, a date, casual friends, or alone. I am at peace with this. Sometimes like many, I listen but I do not hear. I have to reflect on what is being said. What I am about to type, I ask that you hear with your mind and do not listen with your heart. Though this might sound backward I assure you it is not. No one in my mind was created by accident. Christ makes no mistakes just as he makes no ugly. This being said I do not have a type of person I am looking for, no perfect hair color, eye’s color, skin tone, or color. I like to feel my soul reaches deeper than my vision (especially at my age:-) All I can say is what I have found works best with me, and in so stating what does not. I am not good with dominant personality’s, if you have one it is a blessing, but I have always found my life is best when balanced, a 50/50 give and take. (Now here is where it gets tricky and calls for SELF-REFLECTION) If you have had more than one or two men in your life that have been all about taking and not giving, I can promise you, you will not find me in the least bit attractive. -One of you is reading this right now and saying –Oh that is just what I’m looking for My Ex was such a self-centered Butt that he never cared for me. And so was my boyfriend and the last guy I dated and so on and so on :-/. I can say beyond 100% of a doubt that there is nothing about me you will like. Life is short and all too often we seek out that which we are comfortable with, rather you see it or not you might be attracted to this type of personality, subconsciously you might be seeking this out. I encompass none of this and it would be a waste of the most precious gift God has granted you Time. Last I live life, I mean I LIVE LIFE, I really could care less about what my hair (what little I have:-) looks like after a motorcycle ride, That I’m covered in mud from a mud run, or construction. Heck, it will not be long before I mow the lawn in plaid shorts wife beater and sandals while wearing my favorite fishing hat with a beer and a plastic 6 pack ring dangling from my belt like Uncle Eddie in Vegas Vacation. So if you are someone who is worried continually about your appearance, once again we are not a good fit. To be a good fit for me, best your heart is that of a desire to experience and a longing for adventure. I have no urge to read how others have lived theirs. To be honest I’m not good with instructions or putting things back in a box after I’ve removed them either :-). I will finish my dissertation here :-/ by saying I’ll be praying for your happiness and your heart's desire and God Bless
55 Bloomington, Indiana, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 32
60 Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States
Seeking: Female 25 - 36
57 Evansville, Indiana, United States
Seeking: Female 29 - 44
46 South Bend, Indiana, United States
Seeking: Female 23 - 40
51 Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Seeking: Female 44 - 53
57 Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 38
59 Muncie, Indiana, United States
Seeking: Female 35 - 55
54 Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States
Seeking: Female 32 - 42
58 Columbus, Indiana, United States
Seeking: Female 35 - 50
57 Michigan City, Indiana, United States
Seeking: Female 31 - 48
41 Evansville, Indiana, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 55
46 Hobart, Indiana, United States
Seeking: Female 25 - 35
61 Schererville, Indiana, United States
Seeking: Female 31 - 51
58 Terre Haute, Indiana, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 35
54 Carmel, Indiana, United States
Seeking: Female 32 - 55



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