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54 Lincoln Park, Michigan, United States
Seeking: Female 20 - 41
Hi All, I will start by saying I don't really have anything holding me back from traveling to the Philippines, so off i go....I can"t wait! My plan is to go to the Philippines in late August or early September I am going to stay for 3 to 6 months in hopes of finding my future wife. Also I wanted to change my profile a little because I feel the need to explain a few things... (1) Please know that I am here to find my life partner, after going on four years of being divorced, I have decided to get remarried, I'm Finley happy and content with myself and my life, Also, I have the time to devote to a family now and feel I can provide for my new family to have a good life, I"m not rich,nor am i poor, I I'm an average middle class American man. (2) I don't want to be rude to anyone, and many times my lap top will be on without me at the computer, so If I don't reply to mail or an instant message, I am either away or in a conversation (3) When I talk with someone, please know that I am trying to get to know you, and maybe would like to meet you in person "hence the reason for traveling" I believe you can know someone much better in person then just a face on the computer.. so if I ask you now If you would accompany to dinner when I arrive,It"s because I found something very interesting I liked about you, also because I want to get into conversation and see your emotions and facial expressions,I don't know the custom there, but in the states when we ask a women out anyplace the man pays for everything we should do, such as dinner, movies etc (well most men I should say) if they don't pay for there date then there not a real "man"... hate guys like that...., Also I think Asian women make some of the most pronounced expressions, and it can tell a lot about a person, and it"s so cute! I must let you know I'M very personable, maybe to much so? please don't take it as rudeness, just tell me you don't want to respond if it's something I ask you and you feel it"s to personal ( sorry) (3) If I show interest in you and you don't respond, I can respect you, and I will not bother you anymore, Please do the same for me, I hate to "block" anyone, It makes me feel awful :( (4) If we start to talk and we are getting along, please know that I am still looking and talking with others, and I'm pretty sure you are also, and you should be! I"m looking for who is best for me, not who is best looking or has the best body, yes it matters, but it"s not what I base my opinion of my future wife on, so if we talk please don't be upset if you see me talking with others, It only means I like to meet many people ,I'm not looking for sex, I could get that here in the states.....I'm looking for that one "woman" and when that one women hit"s me hard with cupids arrow and all I can do Is think about her, then this is the women I will concentrate on, it doesen"t mean I don't like you anymore, it only means I am trying to learn more about a specif woman, and many times I will realize she was not what I wanted, or maybe I was not what she wanted, but It"s my belief this is how we find who is best for our self, so if you feel like it"s a competition and you will be upset if I talk with others, then Please pass me up . And I mean that in the kindest way :) At my age, I feel I can rest after many years of having worked 3 jobs at once and living on next to no sleep most of my life, I worked damn hard to give my kids all they wanted Yes, it has taken it"s toll on my body, but I have accomplished the task of raising 3 wonderful kids! and life"s cycle continues.... My kids are all moved away from home now, and have there own family's, so it"s just me and the dog, and I admit this makes for sad and lonely holidays and movie night"s being alone. I'm looking for someone younger then myself, I get along best with woman that are 20-38 This maybe do to the fact I can be a little immature an times, however, I do know when it"s time to be serious :) I am Not interested in American women,I mean no disrespect to America women, It"s just my personal preference, this is the reason I am looking for an Asian woman, It"s my personal belief Asian women have higher and better morals, do to there culture. I"m know I may not be the best looking man,and consider myself to be average in looks, with a seance of humor that sometimes gets out of hand :P I'll work on that, I promise,...well "maybe,. kinda" :P I be leave I"m one of the most caring and considerate men you will meet,, and do my best to show respect to all people, I don't mind if you have a child already, I love kids, and to me a single mother only shows you can take on more then expected of you! I DO NOT consider a single mother a slut! most of us have had sex in the past, and just because someone wanted to have there child and or family doesn"t make them any less a person then me or anyone else ,It"s my belief that if you know a women has a child and you show interest and want to get to know her, then you are accepting her and child as ONE, also it"s my personal opinion" it shows this woman/mother has the morals to NOT put up with things you shouldn"t have had to in a past relationship..Unless you happen to be the reason for the past break up? lol if so, and it was do to cheating, then please pass me up. I can tolerate almost anything, with the exception of cheating. It"s a woman's beauty that catches my eye, but it"s not what I base my dissension upon, looks fade away, as does a hard body, but the inside is what will remain for life. and this is my reason for wanting to meet people in person, I also understand many women look at financial stability in a man, and if the man is financially set,then they may want to get to know him to see if he is something more they are interested in further pursuing, I"m ok with that, to be honest, I prefer it! because it give"s me a more open range of ladys! sorry pretty boyz :P Ok, I think that"s about it for now, and If I offended anyone I truly apologize, that was certainty NOT my intentions! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this long and somewhat boring profile of mine, but I try to be as honest as possible without hurting anyone's feelings, most women I associate with tell me I'm one of a kind? not sure how to accept that...lol afraid to ask um.. I wish everyone luck in your endeavor! best of luck to us all. Dave



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