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39 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 38
60 Monroeville, Pennsylvania, United States
Seeking: Female 45 - 55
Hi, My name is Randy and I consider myself a very blessed man, but I am not Perfect, But I am genuine, patient, honest, sensitive, passionate and a loving caring man who loves his 2 absolutely beautiful children. (young adults now,lol) with all his heart, and has a neverending thirst for righteousness, (Pvbs. 21:21 He who persues righteousness and love, finds Life, Prosperity and Honor ) I've been told I have a good sense of Humor. ( I love nature, animals, I love to laugh, sometimes a little to loud, so my children have told me. lol) But I do take things seriously when need be. I am a very neat and a organized person. I do have a love and respect for all people and cultures. I am a Faithful, good man in which you can depend on and fully trust, ( i do not believe in cheating or sexual excursions ), we always have to have communication before an issue arises , and at this time I only speak English, all the religion and my studies on people and human behavior over the yrs and my countless life experiences have molded me into the man I am today, My children call me an extrovert cause I say hi and talk to anyone lolol. Simply put My number one goal at this point in my life is to find True Peace, happiness, total love and commitment, without complications, turmoil and Drama. In which I will gladly return, believe it or not I am a somewhat shy person till I get comfortable and then, Watch Out, ( No, only kidding hahaha. ) I have been known to giving public displays of affection to the person I love, so if ur not comfortable kissing and cuddling outside the bedroom or in public we probably are not a match. Little more about me and being transparent. I have been married twice. before u judge me, hear me out, I married my high school sweetheart, had a family, business and dreams. one day after 8yrs, Out of the blue my Pastor calls me at work, lol( This is a true story) lolol. and said my wife wants a divorce. well i guess she had different goals.lolol (we were young) so long story short. I blamed myself for a while, so then I started lookin into myself, and why I did the things I did. I read alot, attended seminars and meetings. I waited approx.3-4 yrs to start dateing again.( cause I didnt want to rebound into another marriage.) then i met a woman we hit it off and things were great after 8 months got married, was happily married for a year an half then one day she had a couple drinks and spilled the beans, lolol, she told me she didnt like my children. GOD they were only 3 and 5 , someone else had a problem. ( well that was a no brainer, lolol ) long story short, I DIVORCED HER LOLOLOL The year was 1995, I decided I wanted to see the country and persue a dream I had since High school, so I learned to drive tractor trl, and drove all 48 states plus Canada, did that for 9yrs. I moved back to my parents house and started driving local because their health was slowly failing and they needed help with everyday living ( and that fulfilled something in my soul to be able to do that.) So I took care of them for 61/2yrs, my Mom died in 2008 and my Father lived for another 5yrs and I lost him in Sept. 2013. and it so happened that after my Mom passed I became close to my neighbor ( 80yr old gentleman ) he was not married and didnt have any children. we watched movies ,got ice cream, hung out Andy was good man and in good shape, he would walk on the tread mill 2 hrs a day, he told me fascinating stories about WWII , he was a Radio man on a Destroyer Tender, but then I took care of him the last year of his Life, cause Andy died in Nov. 2014. I guess I have what you call the empty nest syndrome lolol cause My Daughter just got married living in Texas, and my Son in China teaching English. So I decided that I am possibly going to move to another country and culture with nicer weather I dont have blinders on and I know people have different challenges and issues everywhere, but Im tired of most American women (not all) and their issues with money and materialism. Dont take me wrong it is just that money and material things are not my GOD . True Love, Peace, and Happiness are my goals. ( I dont NEED a woman and a relationship, I WANT a woman and a serious relationship there is a big big difference. ) I am not expressing myself and being transparent for you to feel sorry for me or have pitty, I thought it might shed light on my character and who I am as a person. / I am sorry I speak no Espanol, lol OK ladies, Im very flattered, I AM, but, If u r under 40yrs old. I dont know how much we would have in common. Thank you for reading my book. lololol Have a Great Day :) Kiss



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