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51 Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States
Seeking: Female 35 - 49
Occupation: Executive / Management / HR
Seriously, if you don't have anything in your profile then ask me for my email or to go to some other random site I'm just going to ignore you. If you can't talk to me here for a while then I'll assume you are a scammer. Here’s the deal, I’m a real man looking for a real woman. If there is any doubt in your mind now as to if you’re a real woman just stop now and move on. Please, please note; I am not interested in having more children. If this is a deal breaker I'm sorry but I am not the man for you. Me in a nutshell: 35 is my functional age, 49 is my chronological age. If my age is a problem for you then think of me as 35 with a WHOLE LOT of life experience. I don't even think of myself as 49, to me it still sounds pretty old. I know how active I am and I am MUCH closer to 35 than I am 49. I’m old school loyal, trustworthy, honest, romantic, kind and am very much a man of my word. In my world your handshake is an oath; at no point should I need an email to prove something was or was not said. I love to show affection, kissing at random, holding hands, just sitting on the couch could easily turn into a shoulder massage or foot rub. I know how to treat a lady and I know how to walk away from one who is not. If I don’t mean something I say it will be very obvious with funny sarcasm. Other than that I say what I mean and mean what I say, I don’t like wasting my breath on fluffy filler or misdirecting words. My real name is Tom Johnson, really. I put this in here as your test, if you call me John then I'll know you didn't read my profile. I possess a great sense of humor that can be dry or twisted and anything in between. I don’t take myself or life very seriously except when the need arises as I’d much rather spend my time enjoying the flow of life than fighting it. My private life is just that. It doesn’t go with me to work and I don’t discuss it without approval. I don’t like to work out or eat healthy but do it anyway to keep fit and remain healthy. I have my own views and believe in what I believe in. I like me the way I am, I'm not likely to change so don’t think I am a fixer-upper. I know who I am, what I am all about and am very comfortable in my own skin. It's also what I am looking for in a woman. You should be strong of mind, know who you are, what you want in life and be comfortable with yourself the way you are. I am extremely confident in myself and my abilities, never to the point of arrogance because I also know my limits. I am a 16 year veteran of both the Marines and the Air Force. It has molded me into who I have become but it is not who I am anymore. I have been successful in the civilian world for 7 years now. I love most animals, for some reason that I can’t explain they love me back. I’ve been told that animals can tell good from bad in humans so I guess that is supposed to say something positive about me. Not a sports guy. I know how to play them and understand the rules but don’t care enough to follow them. I will watch them and get excited at great plays but I don’t make them a priority in my life. I am an automotive guy. It doesn’t consume me but I can appreciate any vehicle for what it is, or was. Hiking, walking, beach time, dinners out, dinners in after we cooked them together, of course travel, star gazing because I live in the desert and it’s freaking awesome! I’m sure there is more so if you are interested then you should ask. I currently live in the desert but not planning on staying. It's been a nice break from living in a larger city but it's time to get back to civilization. By this time next year I could be in Dallas or Atlanta or anywhere else warm most of the year. TAKE NOTE: My latesest update: If you are a scamer, move on. Don't take this as a challange but no one has ever scammed me. No one ever will, I can see it comeing a mile away. Y'all are very obvious but sometimes I am bored and will string you along for a few weeks LOL!
53 Boise, Idaho, United States
Seeking: Female 27 - 53
Occupation: Executive / Management / HR



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