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36 - 70 of 100
26 Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 27 - 36
Saying hello from Jakarta, Indonesia to all confident and strong men out there! I'm Stefannie Alvita Salim, but you can call me Stef or Stefie. I've been living in Jakarta all my life and actually wanting to relocate to get a different vibe. But haven't seem to know when would that be! Lol. I am currently working in Jakarta. I am helping my mom and my aunt running a family business. We have money changer offices around Jakarta and Tangerang so I've been doing this forex thing for quite some time now. Although my background is actually Politics (I have a bachelor degree on International Relations), but in terms of working, I've been doing everything professionally regardless of my backgrounds. As a person, I am very open-minded and strong-opiniated. There are actually some challenges when you are being so open-minded, especially as an Indonesian. You are used to be bounded with these local prejudices and not having that much space to speak up your own mind due to the traditional local way of thinking. I am really open into the international community as I would describe myself more like a Westerner than an Asian in terms of thinking and behaving. Whereas being strong-opiniated has also become one of my strongest points. I believe that it is important for women nowadays to be smart and critical so they will always be aware and careful towards their surroundings. I am also multicultural as I speak 3 other languages other than Bahasa Indonesia and English. I also speak Dutch, French and Spanish. I took Foreign Language minor during my study so I took French and Spanish. While I learn Dutch by myself and from a guy on my past relationship. I am passionate with languages and cultures. That's why I will always be happy to meet foreign people who come from outside Indonesia, so that I could exchange minds and thoughts with them (which is fun). Physically, I describe myself as a tall & curvy woman. I am around 172 cm tall, which is quite tall for Asian girl. I wear size 14, sometimes 16, and I should not be ashamed about it. Beauty does not define by numbers and also not with what society thinks about being beautiful. I am confident with my size and I eat healthy. In fact, I'm a half vegan (I eat mostly veggies and fruits but I sometimes have my cheating days when I have a day off. But not always.) Anyways, it's not your job to judge someone's look, is it?? Lol.
26 Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 25 - 35
1. i like hangout and do crazy things but sometimes i prefer to sitting at a the coffee shoop and have a quality time with couples of good friends or sitting in a booth of irish pub to have some drinks . Its more intimate and warm. 2. I go to the skin care once a month, i creambath my hair once in a month, I washed my hair and put conditoner on it EVERYMORNING and dry it before i hit the office. 3. I love movie, but funny thing is I HATE Politics!! LOL. Action, Comedy, CARTOON (love it so much) and biography, dont feed me any politics , i HATE that. 4. I put a heart into a song, LOL. I listen to the lyrics and relate it to my life, freak!!! But i did it all the time. 5. Im lovable, you can easily fallin in love with me..as your friend or someone that you can talk to..talk about everything cause i like to know everything. And maybe sometimes i would run into you and ask you discuss about your favorite things because i put my concern into what you like. 6. Most of my friends are boys. I got plenty of girls and they are not exactly my friend but MY SISTER!! 7. My family are my life, my motivation. 8 . Im not realy good at romance. I love crazy things, i dont like "Pickup- dinner- chit chat- kissing" kind of date. I have this unique kind of date hehe, come chat me, i would love to tell you haha 9. Im a geek actually, i know quite much stuff about IT and programming , i was majoring it in college. but now im working as public relation in travel agency. quite confusing i know :D 10 .I was a chairwoman of Theatre club (2010-2011) and winning some theatre festival. Im not afraid to compete with everyone and thats include a man. 11. My family teach me to be an independent woman, to support my own self, to be brave, to be strong! i avoid to be called taking advantages from men. 12. I cant sing but i loved to sing, kyahahaha. 13. I cant drive, im sorry. But dont be worry i always have a cash to pay the taxi driver, LOL. 14. I love traveling. Traveling overseas to be more precise. Being in new places brings delight to me and it enriches me as a person. 15. last but not least, haha I am bipolar. I can go from real happy all the way down to that bad mood sh!thole
54 Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 43 - 57
39 Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 28 - 35